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Commitment to Excellence - T-Bird Football Program


We will field a team that excels on the field, achieves in the classroom, and positively impacts our school and community.  Every athlete in our program will be treated with respect and dignity as we strive to reach our potential as a team and as individuals.  We will honor the great game of football by always playing with class, within the rules and as hard as we physically can.

 Provide an Environment for Learning

  • #1 Priority is the welfare of the players

  • Safe, reconditioned & new equipment

  • Coaches constantly being educated of teaching skills

  • Teaching proper fundamentals with the safest technique

  • Practice & video to develop players & the team

Develop a Strong Program & Tradition

  • Desire to win

  • State playoffs

  • Be a T-Bird forever

Promote a Family Atmosphere

  • Touchdown Club - Booster Club (Information at Bottom of Page)

    • pre-game dinners, game snacks & drinks, posters

  • Team Camp

    • Mom’s Clinic, Dads vs Son's game, Alumni Game, Cookouts

  • Fundraisers

    • Hunk Auctions, Battle of the Bigs Lineman Challenge, Touchdown Club Sponsorships, Card Sales

  • End of Season Banquet

  • Promote Family & Community Support

Promote Qualities that Players will use in Everyday Life

Character - Accountability - Leadership - Communication - Resilience - Time Management - Teamwork - Respect - Discipline - Humility - Perseverance - Community Engagement

Provide a Program that is Positive & Rewarding for Players

  • Improved athletic performance

  • See progress/sense of accomplishment with hard work

  • Recognition from teammates, coaches, family, etc.

  • Change in body composition, improving confidence and self-esteem

  • Competitive experiences for multi-sport athletes

  • Enhanced resume for future opportunities

    • College Student-Athlete Eligibility Information at the bottom of the page

2024 Off-Season/Summer Schedule

RED DAWN - Team Unity, Toughness, & Agility Development

  • Four Wednesday Mornings from 6:45a - 7:45a in the North Gym

  • Dates: February 28th, March 6th, March 20th, & March 27th

  • Practice Equipment Checkout: Wednesday May 15th (Seniority & Red Dawns made determine order)

  • All players are expected to attend Red Dawns

WIN THE SUMMER! - Prepare for the Players & Team for the Season

  • Summer Weights & Practice - May 28th - July 18th

  • Mondays - Thursdays - (Except Week 1 is Tuesday May 28th - Friday May 31st)

    • Strength & Conditioning - 6:15a - 7:30a

    • Practice - 7:30a - 8:30a

    • Strength & Conditioning - 8:30a - 10a

  • HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM CAMP - Tuesday May 28th - Friday May 31st

  • TEAM SCRIMMAGES - Tuesday June 11th vs Lawrence HS @ Shawnee Heights - Wednesday June 26th vs Eudora HS @ Eudora HS - Thursday July 18th vs Holton @ Holton HS

  • UCM TEAM CAMP - Friday June 14th - Sunday June 16th

  • Middle School Football Camp - TBD

  • Youth Football Camp - TBD

  • Youth Speed and Agility Camp - TBD

  • Senior Led Weights/Boot Camp - TBD - Late July into August


Each football related activity counts as an opportunity. The expectations are for each player to make 40+ opportunities, 50+ for a summer T-Shirt, & 70+ to receive pocket shorts & a varsity letter.

Game uniforms will be handed out based on seniority in the program (opportunities determine order within class).

There will be a summer contest with rewards for the team with the most opportunities.

---------------------------SPORTS PHYSICAL--------------------------

Players must get a sports physical EACH YEAR DATED AFTER MAY 1st

Get this done BEFORE Practice Begins in the Fall - DO NOT WAIT until the last minute!!

Thunderbird Football Calendar

Click image ---------Coming Soon-------------->

Senior Night - TBD

Youth Football Night - TBD

* Acknowledging the Young Thunderbirds youth tackle football program

Homecoming - TBD

Game Schedule & Results


2024 Season Picture Links

Flickr Links

Washburn Rural 2024


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Building Thunderbird Football Tradition BRICK BY BRICK

62 Years of Thunderbird Football

8 Win Seasons

7 Win Seasons

6 Win Seasons

2023 - 1994 - 1973

2017 - 2014 - 1979

2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2001

League Champions

Regional Champions

Sectional Champions

2017 - 1994



State Placer Team

2014 = 3rd

Thunderbird Football Honors & Awards

2023 Regional Champions

Regional Champs


TBD, 2024 @ Shawnee Heights

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Photos & Videos

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Coaches & Staff


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Program Philosophy

The Young Thunderbirds tackle football program focuses on the 3 F’s; Fundamentals, Fun, and Future for players grades 1st-6th.  The program and the coaches focus on teaching the correct fundamentals to the youth so that they are better prepared for future athletics.  Coaches will expect a lot out of players but in return players will grow athletically, learn character, and develop team work.  Once the players grasp the fundamentals the program focuses on fun.  Youth sports are a time for athletes to develop and learn more about life than what is on the scoreboard or the end of the year record of wins and losses.  We do not allow college or professional recruiters at practice or games so the players do not need to perform at an elite level.  If a player does not have fun then they will not want to continue the game and the focus is to have our players eager to play each season.  The future is bright.  If the program teaches fundamentals and fun then the future comes next.  The goal of the program is to develop young athletes with great character and continue to play the sport. 

Coach Philosophy

All coaches need to be USA football certified to be on the field during tackle practice, even if it is just holding bags.  We work together as a whole and good competition brings out the best in players but bad sportsmanship (against our own teams or opponents) will not be tolerated.  Football is the ultimate team sport so team cohesiveness is a must.  A team must bond and recognize each player has a role and each role is vital.  We are a team so we look like a team (game day uniforms match, including socks).  Coaches need to expect their players to make practices and if a player is going to miss they need to get the coach that information (taking attendance is highly recommended).  Coaches will explain to parents the 24 hour rule before the season starts and remind them often throughout the season.  This 24 hour rule means that discussions about a game, coaching, or an instance where emotions are high or an individual is upset, the issue is not discussed until 24 hours have passed.  This is to allow all parties involved to emotionally level out, regain the ability to think critically, and have the ability to have a rational conversation, this includes message threads and virtual communication. 

 Parent Expectations

Parent are expected to support the coaches and the program.  Parents are not to yell at any player, coach, other fans in attendance during practice or games.  Parents are expected to support the coaches decisions and not undermine the coaching, positions, or philosophies at practice or games, or at home.  Parents are expected to communicate with coaches if a player will not be at practice or a game.  Parents are expected to get their player(s) to events on time.  Parents are expected to set a good example for all the players. 

Player Expectations

Players are expected to be at all events and to give 100% effort and focus.  Players are expected to be great teammates and support all players and teams in the program.  Players are expected to be on time to all events.  Players are expected to listen and focus during events.  Players are to be respectful during all events.  Players are expected to learn the game so that they can play their positions correctly and take ownership of the role they have within the team.  Players are expected to learn the fundamentals of the game.  Players are expected to be team players and not individuals; including but not limited to, game uniform, game socks, no special game apparel (pink for breast cancer).  If the program decides to do something unique all will be included and it will be for a purpose. 

For more Information on the program contact us at:


TD Club

What is TOUCHDOWN CLUB (TDC)? We are non-profit organization comprised of dedicated parents and community members that support SHHS football. Our organization is here to assist the players to grow with the program allowing them to have the best experience possible. By joining TDC, it is an opportunity to get involved and show your support for a group of young adults who have come together through hard work. 

Where do the fees go? 
TDC uses these funds to purchase football equipment and accessories for the players. We have purchased equipment bags, sled pads, an end zone camera and an extended Hudl package (football statics website). Other items on the programs wish list are towers for the cameras, the ability to purchase better equipment and even possibly add another coach. These are only possible with the support of our family, friends, and our community. Please consider becoming a member.

Stay in touch

How you can help our team? 
•    Join the Touchdown Club

•    Volunteer to help with Thursday night dinners, meals and hydration, or fundraising events

Touchdown Club Membership options

•    Donate cases of water and Gatorade. Bring to each game.
•    Attend Touchdown Club meetings. 
•    Volunteer at a football events or before/after games.
•    Serve beverages/snacks at away games.
•    Plan team meals. Help serve and/or contribute to team meals.
•    Purchase Touchdown Club spirit wear/items.

Shawnee Heights High School football program encourages the spirit of sportsmanship, teamwork, and honesty so that our young men & women become can become better citizens in our community.  

See you at the game! GO THUNDERBIRDS!

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