Earning College Credit in High School

Sophomores, juniors and seniors may earn college credit by taking dual-credit classes.  These are college classes taught at SHHS or online.  Tuition is paid directly to the college and a transcript is created through the institution.  While there is no limit to the total college credit hours earned in high school, Washburn will not let you take more than 6 hours credit per semester without written approval from your high school counselor.  In order to take any dual credit course you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.  Some classes require an ACT or Accuplacer test score. See your counselor for details.

2021-2022 Dual Credit Course Offerings

Washburn University

  • MA 114 College Algebra—3hours

  • MA 140 Statistics—3 hours

  • EN 101 First Year Writing—3 hours

  • EN 135 Introduction to Literature—3 hours

  • HI 111 History of the US I—3 hours

  • HI 112 History of the US II—3 hours

  • BI 100 & BI 101 Intro to Biology—5 hours

  • SP 101 Beginning Spanish I—4 hours

  • SP 102 Beginning Spanish II—4 hours

  • LE 100 Exploring Concepts of Leadership—3 hours

  • MU 100 Enjoyment of Music—3 hours

Allen Community College

  • CM 101 Public Speaking—3 hours

Allen CC classes are subject to change depending on instructor availability and Washburn approval. Each semester there are a number of online classes students can take without cost through ACC.  These classes are part of SB155 and are subject to the KS Legislative approval.  These classes should fit in a student’s individualized plan of study and the selected career pathway.  If you are interested in this program see your counselor for a complete list and enrollment information.

 **Tuition is paid directly to the institution.  Costs for classes can be found at the following links:

 Tuition and Fees - Allen Community College (


CEP High School Students and Parents (